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Edison, New Jersey is a township in Middlesex County. It was first called Raritan Township, and the first settlers arrived in the late 1600s. At that time, it was part of the Piscataway and Woodbridge townships. Still known as Raritan, the township began to grow in the latter part of the 19th century as people were attracted by the rural landscapes which were more accessible as the railroads were being built. By the late 1800s, many of the residents commuted to New York and other areas of New Jersey for work. One of the famous inventors in Raritan was Thomas Alva Edison, whose labs were in the Menlo Park area. Still mostly a rural residential area in the 1920s, this historic area continued to grow both in population and in commerce and industry. The name was changed from Raritan to Edison in 1954. It has a current approximate population of 100,000.

A popular place to visit is the Thomas Edison Center at Menlo Park and the Edison Memorial Tower. This spot marks where the perfection of the light bulb took place. Here you will find an educational facility that shares the significance of the industrial research and development at Menlo Park. The Tower has been restored and the Edison State Park holds community educational programs in hopes of stimulating continued innovation. Edison also offers a nine-hole golf course at West Nine. This course is for any age and any skill level. Not far away you’ll find another great course at the Plainfield Country Club. The many parks and recreational facilities offer residents and visitors alike a well-rounded choice of activities

The diverse real estate in Edison is a reflection of the multi-cultural footprint. Within the many neighborhoods, you will find a variety of home styles. In some of the older areas, you’ll find cottages and ranch-style homes, as well as more traditional multi-level single family homes. You’ll also find renovated older homes and newer townhouses and condominiums. In the rural areas, there will be larger lots and mature trees. In the newer neighborhoods, the lot sizes may not be as large, but they are well landscaped. Along with the great schools, this city offers history as well as entertainment amid its friendly neighborhoods, making it a must-consider destination for homebuyers searching in the New Jersey area. If you would like more information on homes for sale in Edison, New Jersey, please contact us today and allow us to assist you.

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